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Q:  How do I arrange a date?

A: Send me a message via Whatsapp with at least these details, then we can look together at a date that suits both of us:
• Name
• Age
• The duration you have in mind for our date
• Whether you prefer daytime/evening and throughweeks or weekends
• Special wishes / preferences
• Location: at your home and if so where / 3rd location you have in mind.
A 3rd location can be:
* hotel, at least 4 stars                                     
*  private sauna                                       
*  swingers club

Be honest and forthright with me, it is of mutual interest to submit your preferences to me.
Discretion is guaranteed and I will never misuse any information you share with me.

My own safety and comfort is a priority, if I don't like the introduction, the chances are that I don't want to meet with you. For discretion reasons, I never answer phone calls, FaceTime or send photos.

Q: Do you require a deposit?
A: For new clients a deposit of 25% is required + travel expenses.
Deposits are non-refundable, but in case of cancellation can be used for a future booking (cancellation must be made at least 2 days before our date).

Q: Can I see you on short notice?
A: I am rarely available for same day appointments and I prefer to plan ahead.

Q: Can you travel to me?
A: My passport is ready, I am vaccinated and I am happy to travel internationally with you or to you (FMTY = Fly Me To You).

Q: Do you also see people with disabilities?

A: Yes, I also have experience with disabled gentleman but feel free to disclose in our initial communication any disability or health issues that may affect our meeting, the more information you give me the better I can adapt.

Q: Do you see couples?
A: I love having a great time with individuals but an unforgettable experience with two people committed to each other is a pleasure! If you are a couple that's ready to explore their fantasy with an open minded third partner who has experience with couple intimacy; Let's plan a date!

Q:  Do you also provide threesomes with other escorts?
Totally, I have some amazing girlfriends whom I'm sure you'll love. They are gorgeous and know how to have fun. please inquire if you would like one of my friends to join us on our date.

Q:  What can I provide for you?
 Offer me something to drink, under the heading ''About me'' you will find my preferences for drinks. A tasty snack is always nice, such as room service, cheese or fruit.  If I am with you for more than 8 hours, I expect a small meal and with an overnight stay I expect to enjoy a nice breakfast together!

Q:  What do you take care of?
A: I bring condoms, lubricant, massage oil and some toys. Do you have specific wishes for toys? Ask me this! I have brought condoms in sizes S, M, XL, XXL. If you want latex-free condoms or other exceptions, please bring them yourself.

 Can you stay longer?
A: Our agreement is based on time for money, only use extra time if you can afford it. Don't expect me to stay longer for nothing or to have a quickie in the last 15 minutes, but rather hand me a towel freshen up. If you want me to stay longer please extend our booking but also respect it if I can't stay longer because I already have other appointments..

Q:  May I write a review about you?
A: I am always open to feedback! This is always taken seriously so that I can perfect my service. If you write a nice review about me, please let me know where I can read it.

Q: How do I prepare for our booking?

 • Hygiene 
This is of paramount importance, a clean body invites intimacy, so ensure good personal hygiene. When you receive me at your home, do you also think of a freshly made bed, a clean toilet, a nice room temperature and a nice background music?

• Clothes
I myself am always very nicely dressed, think of a dress with beautiful lingerie and heels underneath, unless you expressly wish otherwise. Dress nicely but in your own comfort zone.

• Alcohol/drugs
A drink against the nerves are understandable, 5 drinks might be a bad idea.
Drugs in all forms are a no go for me so I will leave the date immediately.

• Money
If cash: you know how much it will cost so make sure the correct amount is ready in an open envelope.
If with a little bit: let's arrange it right away so we can put it behind us.
Don't embarrass me by making me ask for payment!

Q: Can I discuss wishes?
A: Please! I have to find out your preferences in a relatively short time and unfortunately I can't read minds. Feel free to share what turns you on and what you like and don't like during sex. Under the heading ''Services'' you will find my preferences and no-go's. Is your preference not listed? Feel free to ask in advance the first contact!

Q: Can I pass on clothing wishes?
 Yes! Usually I wear a nice dress with high heels. Do you prefer to see me casual or do you have specific preferences, please let me know in time and I will do my best to meet it as well as possible.

Q: Can I bring a present?
A: It is never required or expected but every young lady likes to get presents, under the heading ''spoil me'' you will find my preferences as a guideline, a tip after the date of course also puts a smile on my face!

Q: Do you offer fetish services?

A: No, this does not suit me and the expertise that is desired is also lacking. The Girlfriend Experience is what I excel at.

 Are you coming along on party bookings?
A: No absolutely not! I'm not a night owl and I'm super anti-drugs. Going out to clubs has never been for me.

Q: Can I take photos or videos?
No absolutely not! If at any point during the booking I notice that this boundary is not respected, I will ask you to remove the footage on the spot, our meeting will end immediately regardless of the time remaining and you will be blacklisted by me and my network.

Q: Are there things that are not desirable?
A: • Negotiate my rates.
My rates are fixed and negotiation is not possible.

• Not respecting my privacy.
I  work under an alias for a reason.
Discretion is of paramount importance to me and I expect that our shared data will remain between us at all times. Trying to find out my private contact details is an absolute no go!

• Rescheduling an appointment several times.
I understand that life doesn't always cooperate with our plans and should you reschedule I'm happy to accommodate you. However my time is precious and if we have confirmed I have reserved time for you. You can reschedule once, but if you cancel within 48 hours of your appointment, the deposit will be retained as a cancellation fee. 

​• Non Paydate
Our dates are fun, really fun, but a date with me is always paid.​

• During the date

Our date will be stopped immediately when undesirable things happen. In this case no money will be refunded and a follow-up appointment is never possible after this. By this I mean unwanted aggression, disrespecting boundaries, secretly taking off condoms, unwanted actions, secretly trying to take photos and/or videos, etc. No is no and stop is stop. 

• Too late
I will stay until the agreed end time.
If you are late, the same agreed end time will continue to apply.

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