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Tokyo with high class escort Lilly
Tokyo with independent high class escort Lilly
Tokyo with independent high class escort Lilly from Amsterdam

Tokyo with your favorite independent high class escort Lilly 

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Tokyo is a city like no other. Sure, you can visit museums and temples and eat at one of the thousands of delicious restaurants, but you can also do things you can’t do anywhere else.


I've had the luck to be there 6 weeks for work in the past and had some of my craziest experiences in this giant metropolis and spend my time feeling bewildered, enchanted and 100% safe.

Here are a few of my favorite unique, weird, and just downright cool things to do in Tokyo.

Tokyo with escort

One of Tokyo’s most iconic sights is the busy pedestrian crossing outside Shibuya Station known as Shibuya Scramble Crossing or Shibuya Crossing. 

You can delve into the crowd yourself or get a view from above at the busy Starbucks or the quieter (but more distant) 11th floor of the Hikari Building.

While you can also visit during the day, the crossing is most dramatic at night when it’s neon-lit from the signs above.

Dressing up as your favorite character and driving a go-kart around the Tokyo streets has to be the coolest thing you can do in Tokyo. 

Yes, you drive a tiny go-kart on the real streets of Tokyo amongst cars, buses, and trucks!

It’s a surreal experience as you drive past skyscrapers and tiny shrines, busy crossings and quiet residential neighbourhoods, all while people stare, wave and take your photo.

The Toyo Skytree is the tallest tower in the world and is the second tallest building in the world next to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Standing 634 meters (2080 feet) high, from the broadcast tower’s 360-degree observation decks, the whole city—its striking skyscrapers and neon intersections—looks like a magical circuit board. It is an impressive sight and one of the city’s top tourist attractions.

Tokyo with escort

Sensoji is a Buddhist temple in Asakusa, one of Tokyo’s most traditional neighbourhoods where you can still find old wooden shops amongst the concrete. It’s one of the most beautiful things to see in Tokyo. 

The vibrant red temple gets crowded, but you can escape by wandering off through the gardens to one of the quieter shrines. 

In the main area, make sure to get your fortune told and cover yourself in incense for good luck.

Tokyo with high class escort
Tokyo with high class escort Lilly

The digital art show TeamLab Planets is one of the most Instagrammable things to do in Tokyo. But this unusual interactive museum is well worth visiting even if you aren’t planning to take the perfect photo.

TeamLab exhibitions are unlike anything we’ve experienced before. Their immersive displays use lights, projections, and sounds in creative ways and dissolve the boundaries between the viewer and the art. It’s colourful, surreal and surprising.

Tokyo with Escort Lilly
Tokyo with high class escort Lilly from Amsterdam

Memory Lane (Omoide Yokocho) is also known as Piss Alley from its post-WW2 roots when toilet facilities were non-existent.

Public toilets are now available, but you’ll still feel like you’ve stepped back in time as you wander the narrow alleyways full of tiny yakitori restaurants seating just a handful of people at the counter.

Another nickname for the street is Izakaya Alley because it’s known for these small bars serving drinks and snacks.

Tokyo with high class escort lilly

Why not come here and have a Michelin Star dinner every evening? Tokyo is the city with the most Michelin Stars in the world!!!
I have indulged at three star Joël Robuchon before but why not go for something different now, plenty of options!
A few that caught my eye are: Kohaku***, L’osier***, Sazenka***, Sézanne**, Tempure Kondo**, Beige**, Esterre*, Sant Pau* and Alter Ego*.

And now that you know all about a few fun things to do whilst in Tokyo, wouldn't it be amazing to have a gorgeous and intelligent woman by your side?

Someone to explore the city with, to have lavish dinner dates, sexy days in, and exciting nights out? I love big hubs as well as the smaller cities that are great for adventures and hidden gems and since I have been to Tokyo before I can be your naughty travel advisor as well.

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