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Dinner dates are the best dates!

Always dreamed of dining with an elegant and bubbly lady? Than I'm exactly what you are looking for! A statement I often make is: eating together is connecting. By spending time together this way, we will really get to know each other. I’m very passionated about food and I don't think you can make me happier than with a great dinner date, with my background in hospitality and me writing about restaurants in my free time I know my way around all good restaurants throughout The Netherlands.

We can meet at the restaurant, almost like a ‘’blind date’’ but we can also meet each other in the hotel room or at your home and go to the restaurant from there. First a drink at the bar or directly at the table everything is possible and I can facilitate it in any form you would like it to give. In addition, the tension at the table will slowly build up by flirting, which will certainly benefit the time in the bedroom. Dining with me will satisfy your hunger by the delicious food while at the same time you will be more hungry for something else. I’m familiar with the most luxurious restaurants in the area of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Den Haag and Maastricht. If you are interested in a different environment we can look into that together I'm familiar with hidden restaurants, restaurants at high altitude and restaurants that serve at boats or trains. Please don’t be limited to the obvious luxury choices in advance, in the end it is about the setting that will please us both. It doesn't always have to be Michelin-starred to be great!!

Asian or French, fusion or traditional, casual or Michelin-starred: everything is possible. Please tell me your preferences from main course to where I’ll take care of the dessert. A dinner has never been more exciting. * all pictures are mine and from former dinner dates.


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