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How to book a high class escort.

Hiring a high class escort is an incredible experience, creating lifetime memories and makes your world so much more magical. But it can be intimidating, especially for a first-timer!

Luckily for you, you have an expert on your side and I’m here and ready to help out!

After requests from curious gents unsure on where to begin, and compliments from former gents about how much more at ease I made them feel in the process of booking me, I figured I’d write a blog with all of your frequently asked questions to take out the anxiety of booking me (or any other colleague!) teaching you the industry principles and etiquette and everything you need to know before scheduling an escort. 1. How do you pick out the high class escort of your dreams.

First and most important is to deal with a reputable/reliable escort. Last thing one wants is disappointment and waste of his valuable time and deposit due to a no-show. Having that said go through the different reliable provider websites and look for verified girls. Verified girls have to authenticate to get a badge and you now have less chance to get deceived by fake images. Take notes on the models (character / type), it may help you to choose the right escort companion for an occasion would it be a dinner date, an overnight or a vacation. If you wish to go on a date on a specific date then make sure you have 2 or 3 back up choices in case your provider can’t make it that day. Make sure you have realistic expectations on costs whilst looking for a provider, there are many woman to find and all for different rates, haggling is offending and an absolute no-go.

2. How to reach out to your favorite high class escort. Before everything: Make sure you read the ad, this is vital. We know men are visual creatures who see a hot photo and scroll past all the vital information to get to the phone number only to ask us everything that’s stated in the ad. One thing I learnt very fast — a client should only ask you 8 - 10 questions. If any more he’s wasting your time... this has proven over time to be very true.

A lot of women will explain everything you need to know in the ad or on her website so upon booking her there is very little to discuss except time and place and some other questions you may have. If she knows you have read the ad, trust me you will definitely get bonus points. It shows you took the time out to read and get to know her, see what she is all about. If her rates are in your budget, if she offers the service you're seeking & to see if you’re both a good match. You can view the rates, where she’s located, if she does incalls or outcalls - her do’s and don’t’s. Her website usually has a lot of info that you would miss if unread. Finally! Let’s make contact. Please introduce yourself properly. Examples of what isn’t appreciated: • Hi • Hi baby • Hello princess • Available? • I’m horny do you want a big dick? • Do you have time? All above will definitely bring you a hard no. None of these starters are a turn on, in fact they are a turn off. Yes they are direct and yes we are sex workers but we still deserve to be ‘wooed‘ a little with some manners, after all, we still are pretty woman and you are not on tinder. You come across as rude, abrupt and a client that we would rather not see by texting the wrong way.No, instead please do things differently.

Texts that do work are ‘Hi my name is _______ , I’m 50 years old and I came across your website. I am staying at _______ in Amsterdam, I would love to spend _______(Insert duration ) at _______(insert time) with you on _______ (insert date) if possible. Hope to hear from you soon. Be honest and forthright, it is of mutual interest to submit your preferences. If it’s your first time seeing an escort let her know so she can take special care of you and explain things more throughly. If you want any extras or a particular service. Be sure to ask prior to payment or booking her. We want you to be 110 % happy when you arrive. With high class escorts discretion is guaranteed and it’s unlikely that they will misuse any information you share. Discretion is paramount, and while booking is discreet, it is not anonymous. In order to trust you with a lady’s unsupervised presence, they do need to know who you are. Lovers in our orbit see this as a sign of professionalism. *This goes for all providers: our own safety and comfort is our priority, if we don't like the introduction, the chances are that we don't want to meet with you. 3. Deposit to secure your date with a high class escort. Deposits are usually required by sex workers, again some charge deposits some don’t. You will need to ask about this before booking her. Some advertise this, some won’t. But it’s one thing to ask. By taking deposits for us, not only does it secure your booking and time, but it eliminates the fakes, the no shows, the fake address senders etc. I use Stripe for the down payment. I would sent you a link and as soon as you click on it you will see the amount for the down payment and a number of options to pay such as: Bank or creditcard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, iDeal, Eps, Giropay and Bancontact.                                                                                                                            

When the payment has been made, the description will be ‘’deposit’’ and the bank account of ‘’LL Services’’ will appear on your bank statement, so quite discreet!

You are of course welcome to pay the amount minus the deposit in cash when I arrive at our date or also through a link.

Part of the booking process, some ask for a photo of your ID, selfie of you, or some ask for bill statements. For me, I only ask for a deposit because the Netherlands is a safe and regulated environment for escorts, but I do want to know a little bit more about you….. Once again: with high class escorts discretion is guaranteed and it’s unlikely that they will misuse any information you share. Discretion is paramount, and while booking is discreet, it is not anonymous. In order to trust you with a lady’s unsupervised presence, they do need to know who you are.

Everyone has their own reasons. But if you are not comfortable sharing that information simply say so and move onto the next person. 4. Meeting the high class escort of your dreams. Some things to take into account: • Hygiene  This is of paramount importance, a clean body invites intimacy, so ensure good personal hygiene, put a little effort in! When you receive the lady at your home, do you also think of a freshly made bed, a clean toilet, a nice room temperature and a nice background music? • Clothes I myself am always very nicely dressed, think of a dress with beautiful lingerie and heels underneath, unless you expressly wish otherwise. Dress nicely but in your own comfort zone. • Alcohol/drugs A drink against the nerves are understandable, 5 drinks might be a bad idea. You will need to ask if it's ok if you can use some drugs before booking her. Some girls even advertise with this, some won’t. But it’s one thing to ask. For me using drugs in all forms are a no-go so I would leave the date immediately. • Money If cash: you know how much it will cost so make sure the correct amount is ready in an open envelope. If with a little bit: let's arrange it right away so you can put it behind you. Don't embarrass the lady by making her ask for the payment!

Always arrive on time or earlier, punctuality is huge. We are all busy in life and there is nothing ruder then letting the lady wait for you. As for me I'm strict with it: I will stay until the agreed end time. If you are late, the same agreed end time will continue to apply.

If you can not make it, do not no show but always text to tell her! After all, she did schedule time in for you and canceled everyone else to see you! As for me with a no show, i will keep the deposit as a cancellation fee and we will never meet (again!). On arrival - gifts are not expected but highly appreciated and help to break ice, after all you are on a date with your dream girl so be a little chivalrous! Hey newbie, I hope this helped you! Love, always Lilly *picture is from my own collection.

High class escort Lilly from Amsterdam


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