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Spa and wellness resorts

Do you feel the urge to completely relax? Let’s book a spa and wellness resort and enjoy a day full of relaxation, great food, good conversations, kisses and intense pleasure together with your favorite dutch high-class escort. To give you a nudge in the right direction I have listed the best spa and wellness resorts in the Netherlands for you! Do you want to experience eco chic wellness? Fort Resort Beemster is one of the most luxurious and sustainable wellness resorts in the Netherlands. Experience wellness in the characteristic atmosphere of the fort like never before. But there is more! After a day of enjoyment in our Spa & Wellness, there is nothing better than to continue to enjoy.

Let’s spend the night together in one of the beautiful luxury rooms or suites for the ultimate wellness experience. A visit to Spa Sereen is a true experience for the senses. Let's immerse ourselves in a world of peace, space and luxury. Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the beautiful surroundings of the Maarsseveense lakes, where everything revolves around your physical and mental well-being. Due to its central location near Utrecht, Spa Sereen is easily accessible from all corners of the Netherlands. One of the most famous spas in the Netherlands is perhaps Thermae 2000. It is located near Valkenburg in South Limburg and around the corner from romantic Maastricht for a weekend away for the two of us. This resort is not only known for its thermal water but also for its good sauna facilities, catering facilities and paramedical center. Let's dive into the Panorama sauna together and enjoy a beautiful view of the Limburg hilly landscape or doze off together in the "dream area" with luxurious double beds. Step into an oasis of space and tranquility for a heavenly day of relaxation of body and mind. With over 13,000 m2 of luxurious spa and sauna facilities, Spa Zuiver Amsterdam has everything you need to completely escape the hectic pace of everyday life. Zuiver has been inspired by care rituals from all over the world for the wide range of luxurious treatments and massages. A fifteen minute drive from almost all hotels in Amsterdam. If you don't want to leave, we can disappear together between the sheets in their own hotel. One of the newer luxurious spas in the Netherlands with an exquisite kitchen is Thermen Barendrecht. Indulge yourself with caviar, oysters and cocktails or champagne as you sit with me by the fireplace to later enjoy the entourage of each sauna that is inspired by the work of world-famous masters, with one of their masterpieces taking center stage. Let's completely shut ourselves off from the outside world to enjoy each other, the many different saunas, bath & rest areas and a good massage that makes both our skin feel silky soft. Just a moment for us together, escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life, because this is all possible in Thermen Bad Nieuweschans in Groningen. There is a connection between the wellness resort and the hotel so we simply walk from the hotel room to the resort and back, who would have thought that a visit to the far north could be so relaxing but exciting?


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