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The Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

I offer the so called Girlfriend Experience (GFE) that is romantic, sensual and passionate. Imagine your ideal girlfriend: ME! A woman with great looks, smart, witty, fun and all that combined with class and elegance.

I’m the type of girlfriend who would drag you to the bedroom whilst dinner is in the oven, make your heart race the moment our eyes meet, and give you my undivided attention at dinner or wherever we are. My sex appeal is mesmerizing and makes you feel like a high school teenager in love, unable to keep hands of each other. I’m the type of girl you’ll be proud to introduce to your friends and business associates. I’ll make love with you in a romantic, passionate and sensual way that will blow your mind. The Girlfriend Experience is about mutual enjoyment of each other’s company where a genuine intimate connection is created. We start connecting on a mental level first, I will make an effort to get to know you better and I expect you to do the same. Let’s talk, laugh, flirt and build a dreamy mood together because you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how great the social aspect will feel. When the connection is made and you can tell I’m just as excited as you are I will take initiative towards a more erotic setting. I love to (French) kiss, cuddle, massage or take a candlelight bath together, let’s slowly undress each, treat each other on a long lasting foreplay and let me make love with you like I would do with my boyfriend. It's the feeling I give you that goes beyond just intimacy, a service that blurs the boundaries between a financial transaction and a romantic relationship. I won’t make it feel like a paid service, I’ll make you want to take care of me financially. It needs to be created together. Treat me as you would with your girlfriend and I’ll definitely will treat you as my beloved boyfriend. Let me be your ultimate girlfriend without the hassle of a traditional relationship.


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