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Why book a high-class escort?

My first blog, exciting but very fun!

My main reasons for writing a blog include to be able to go deeper into topics than in my FAQ, to give Tips & Tricks about certain subjects and to give you an insight into my personal life.

But why would you actually book a high-class escort?

Unfortunately there is still a huge stigma attached to booking an escort but booking an escort can be fun and smart for many different reasons; I would like to share my vision with you.

You're in the mood for (not time-consuming) romance.

Picking up a young lady from the pub or through a dating app will probably work, but finding a woman who is willing to have sex with you if she is not an escort can be a time-consuming job and you have to do your best to please and seduce her. With me this is reversed, I arrive at the appointed time and we will chat, flirt, laugh and have the best sex. All I ask in return is mutual respect, good hygiene and financial compensation for the time I spend with you.

No strings attached.

I am the ultimate girlfriend without the hassle of a traditional relationship, I just leave after so much time where a regular girlfriend often can't appreciate getting rid of so quickly. The rules and expectations are clear on both sides. No mood swings, family nagging, jealousy, anger or ex-partners. All the benefits but not the burdens!


Booking me is much more discreet than randomly seducing a young lady, again the expectations are clear for both sides. I take it into account if we can't be seen together in public for any reason and I will never misuse the information you share with me.

For variation.

Your partner can still be so incredibly beautiful and sweet, but I am convinced that you cannot always find everything with 1 partner and after many years the routine often gets boring. We can also do activities together that your partner doesn't have interests in.

You can plan the entire date according to your own wishes.

When you are just dating someone or have had a partner for a long time, they often want to participate in the decision-making process. With me you can choose the restaurant, the activity or how you prefer to spend the evening with me. Will it be a massage with a long foreplay or a dinner date with banging sex?

To become a better lover.

I am a very experienced young lady compared to the average woman in the Netherlands, I know my body well and with my high libido I enjoy sensuality intensely. I have followed courses and workshops, which makes me a great bed partner. I can help you become a better lover as I am open to discuss things that you don't easily discuss with others.


Perhaps there are fantasies that you find difficult to discuss with others or are not negotiable if you have a partner. Not only am I open minded but I will never judge you for your preferences or wishes. Are you a gentleman looking for two nice ladies then I have a few nice girlfriends, if you are a couple looking for a lady for a threesome then I am ideal for that because I make sure that all three of us are comfortable, I am not a threat to your relationship and I do not cause unpleasant situations afterwards.

Defloration / losing your virginity.

In a relaxed and pleasant way I can help you lose your virginity. Unlike an ordinary bed partner who also wants to get her money's worth, I'm there completely exclusive for your pleasure. I've had the honor to do several deflorations and so I know the ins and outs to break the ice and take away the nerves.

Couples club.

Have you always been curious about what goes on in a couples club?

Open minded couples gather to flirt, watch each other or to participate in threesomes and larger erotic group lusts. A couples club can be a very exciting and erotic experience but unfortunately solo men are not allowed into a club.

Explore your innermost fantasies and sexual desires with me and I guarantee you are stealing the show with the most beautiful eye-candy!


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