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Couples club or erotic party with a high class escort.

Have you ever fantasized about going to a couples club or erotic party?
Then I’m the right high-class escort for you!

Let’s swing, dance, play, watch, flirt, drink and make love during a night out in an exciting and erotic setting. During these nights we can discover all your fantasies and sexual desires in a safe environment. On these locations you will mostly find different sorts of rooms and decors in order to lose yourself in moments full of lust and excitement. These parties are open to male-female couples and single ladies but not for single men only. This policy makes sure the atmosphere at the party remains erotic, naughty, sensual and mostly mysterious without getting cheap.
I can only imagine you don’t have the right partner for these events so I’m happy to go along with you to give you a perfect night.

Recommendations for a visit to a couples club or erotic party.
I can recommend Fun4Two and Fata Morgana as for couple clubs and for erotic parties Caviar de la Nuit, Castle Events, Little Sins and Madame Homard. If you are interested in another erotic party or club this is only possible after my approval.

To take into account for couple clubs or erotic parties.
* If you are a new friend to me I will always come to your hotelroom, private residence or a bar near first where we can get to know each other better before immersing ourselves in erotic atmospheres. If we already know each other it is possible to meet directly at the swingers club or erotic party although that doesn’t have my preference.

* For couple clubs or erotic parties I require at least a 4 hour booking.

* Transportation and entrance tickets are arranged by you. Take in account that many couple clubs and parties require a reservation, If the names of both guests are requested you can use your own surname for me.

* Although I’m open to the idea of joining other couples it is based on chemistry with other guests and completely up to me if I want to join. It is not possible for you to select or demand to join other guests in erotic acts.

* I always carry all necessities with me such as condoms, massage oil, lubricants and some toys. Do you want to bring toys? They have to be new and in packaging for me to be used and when multiple gather condoms over the toys should be used at all times.

*There is a surcharge involved for couple clubs.
The surcharge is €100 per hour with a maximum of €500 per 24 hours. You can always contact me to discuss the final rate.

Other services that I provide are Dinner dates, The Girlfriend Experience, International Bookings, Lingerie Experience, Overnights, Escort for couples, Companionship Only and Bisexual Duo’s.
If you wish to spoil me with a gift you can find my wishlist on my website. Tips and extras are never expected but always appreciated.

If I woke up your interest and you would like to reach me please look at my contact page

Please feel free to follow me on Twitter at datewithlilly or on instagram also at datewithlilly

Couples club with escort Lilly
Couples club with high-class escort lilly
Couples club with escort lilly from Amsterdam
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