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Hiring an high class escort to join you on a travel date is an incredible experience, creating lifetime memories and making exploring the world so much more magical. But it can be intimidating, especially for a first-timer! Luckily for you, you have an expert on your side and I’m here and ready to help out!

Although most of my international bookings are accompanying a client during his business trip this is not always the case. Sometimes a nice trip is specially booked to fully enjoy his time with his favorite high class escort. After requests from curious gents unsure on where to begin, and compliments from former gents about how much more at ease I made them feel in the process of booking their first travel date with me, I figured I’d write a blog with all of your frequently asked questions to take out the anxiety of booking your first FMTY with me! 1. What is a FMTY? (And why do I keep seeing TMTY too?)

A FMTY (Fly Me To You) is a travel date wherein you book me to travel to you for a date! This could be your hometown, one of your favorite cities or somewhere across the world to check off a bucket list trip together! As long as it is somewhere that isn’t the Netherlands it’s a FMTY! TMTY is the same thing but with specifically train travel rather than any type.

2. Can I book a FMTY to anywhere in the world? Unfortunately I can’t enter the USA, for the rest as long as I’m up for it you can take me with you, whether it’s for business or pleasure.

Some other reasons people book FMTY are:

  • for extra discretion

  • making a business trip more enjoyable

  • taking the nerves and planning out of a bucket-list trip

3. Is there a minimum or maximum length of time that I can book a FMTY for? European cities require a minimum of 24 hours while worldwide destinations require a minimum of 48 hours. As for a maximum that depends on the country we are visiting and how long we’ve known each other.

4. Can I book a FMTY as my first date?

Several of my FMTY dates have been with gentlemen I hadn't met before, with new loves my condition is that the trip has a maximum length of 3 days (city trip), if that is experienced as very pleasant for both we can always plan a longer trip. 5. How much does it cost? I have a custom rate that can be found at rates, the longer the booking how more greatly the rate reduces.

If you have a specific budget and want to try and find out what rate the booking will be before you reach out, here’s a good formula: * First, go to my page rates and look at the heading vacations where all my FMTY rates are listed. Do pure math on the amount of time you’d like to see me for. * Add in the cost of a first-class or business-class flight ticket from either Amsterdam or Rotterdam to where you’re hoping to meet me. First class or business ensures that you’re putting my comfort first, and especially for a longer flight it is essential for me to arrive my best self. * Add some extra cushion room. This can cover the cost of transit to the hotel from the airport, food or a night’s hotel stay to rest before seeing you. Now the total rate you made will include flights, accommodation for me, and my rate. Generally, activities, meals, and any other expenses that are incurred during our date are added costs unless otherwise arranged. 6. How much deposit is required? A deposit of 50% is required of the booking rate and 100% of all additional expenses such as travel costs. After receiving the prepayment we will arrange the travel itinerary. Due to my privacy it is not possible for a client to make the travel booking for me. The most comfortable travel option with the fewest transfers and shortest total travel time will be chosen. You can find all my rates here.

7. How far in advance can I book a FMTY?

The further in advance you book the better, especially during the busiest months of the year, like around the holidays. With plenty of notice, you’ll often don't miss out! 8. How to enquire and reach out for a FMTY date?

Make sure you have realistic expectations on costs and then when you’re ready to arrange a travel date than email or whatsapp me, giving as much detail as possible, duration, location and plans. 9. Will you sleep in the same room or do you need a separate room?

At the very least, it’s best to get a room with an extra large bed. However, if you snore or sleep uneasily it would be better to have separate bedrooms so that I can always be fresh and at my best for you! 10. Are there any other expectations that I have to take into account? You are expected to be courteous and make effort for a pleasant stay, it will benefit your booking if I have some time for myself now and then. I request: * At least 3 meals a day * 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. * 1 hour for self admin (contact with home front, study and keep up with personal care) * 1 hour gym time , alone or together. * as much kisses and cuddles as possible :) If I woke up your interest and you would like to email me please look at my contact page

Please feel free to follow me on Twitter at datewithlilly or on instagram also at datewithlilly * all pictures are from my former FMTY's


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