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Skiing with your favorite high class escort

As the leaves turned gold and crimson, yours truly has been swept away in a whirlwind of unforgettable encounters. My recent encounters have been varied and, dare I say, spellbindingly magical. While October and November unfailingly filled my cup with the most wonderful company and I’m grateful to say my remaining time in December is almost all spoken for….I can’t deny looking forward to repeating winter trips again soon. I’ve always had a hard time to choose between sun or snow holidays, luckily the season makes the choice for us and as the chill in the air grows, I'm reminded of the magic the holidays bring — gorgeous lights embellishing the city, the aroma of cinnamon and pine in the air, a sense of shared warmth, and profound joy that only this season can offer. Imagine a dreamy winter escapade where we can warm each other up by the cosy fireplace while we see the snow falling outside.

On top of the mountain: the beautiful view, the fresh air and me never missing an opportunity to wear my sexy ski suit. Let's kiss before we make our way down so you can take my ski suit off for the sauna afterwards where we sweat in a different way than we are used to (big smile here). Still cold? Me in beautiful lingerie will definitely do the trick to get you right back on your feet!

I don’t know if its fair to say I truly ski very well. More accurate to say I see skiing as the most enjoyable means to an end, the end being red wine, melted cheese and wonderful conversations in lovely little rustic restaurants. However, time waits for no one, and my calendar fills rapidly as a snowfall covering a meadow. I urge you to make reservations for our rendezvous soon, as my availability is already becoming limited in January and February.

We have a world of experiences to explore together, so let's not let another moment pass us by. Looking forward to celebrating this season in your wonderful company. Stay warm, stay cheerful, and most importantly — treat me! Love, Always! Lilly * all pictures are my own and are made at former cherishable ski trips


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