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This or That

I thought it was time for something lighthearted so here is a silly “this or that” that I wrote out. I have interspersed erotic questions with normal questions to keep your attention, I hope it puts a smile on your pretty face! Love, always Lilly xxx

Sexy strip tease or dirty talk. Although I can dance I rather have you say dirty things to me. Flowers or chocolates.

Flowers always. I love flowers. Hair pulled or spanking. Both in fact. Dinner date or lunch date. Food, doesn’t really matter when. Handcuffs or blindfold.

Tease me baby! Vacation or staycation. I love to travel! Floor sex or couch sex.

Me on top of you, Yes please. Picnic or spa day. 

I love a good facial (big smile here!). Toys or fingers.

Sorry boys! Ski or Sail.

My next post is about skiing! I would love to learn sailing though. Shared shower or shared bath.

I don’t like showering together at all but I like having my back scrubbed.  Planning or spontaneity.

I obviously love both and some of the best times of my life have been last minute plans. But when somebody has planned details or thought about what I like this will always make me melt. Sex on a plane or on a boat.

I’ve done the first, now the second please.


Breakfast in bed or Breakfast buffet.

Breakfast buffet is overrated. Everybody already touched the croissants. After morning-sex being interrupted by a knock at the door and a full continental breakfast. Not overrated. Give oral or receive oral. I’m a giver but I love a 69. Money or love. Love is always the answer.


Back massage or foot massage.

Let me make you feel relaxed before I make you work. Sex on a beach or in a jacuzzi.

Let’s make love while the sun goes down. Night in or night out. Let's alternate them. Time machine or magic wand. The magic wand, a miraculous sex toy (LOL).

Paris or Rome.

I love Paris but I’ve never been to Rome yet.


Cuddles before or cuddles after.

Post-sex cuddles. Hell of a drug.


Safari or Maldives.

I’ve done none of those – it seems incredible. Amazingly nobody has invited me to Maldives yet. I must be ugly.

 Tongue or no tongue. Mon Chéri, let’s French kiss.

Driving slow or driving fast. I’m a speedy car junkie. Lingerie or Fully naked. Undress me baby.

Looks or personality. Please be funny and kind and generous and caring. Dominant partner or submissive partner. Yes Sir.

Guacamole or salsa. I would say I like both a lot. Twosome or threesome.

Less is more. Sunset or sunrise. I’m less of a very early morning person. Cowgirl or reverse cowgirl.

+ kisses please. Passenger or driver. Let this passenger princess focus on other things while you are driving, can you keep your focus? 69 or missionary.

It’s obvious, I’m a fond lover of oral sex.

Big wedding or small wedding. Small but luxurious. Doggy or cowgirl.

Woof woof. Coffee date or cocktail date. I prefer cocktails over coffee. Lingerie or Latex. I prefer silk and lace. Red wine or white wine. I drink both but if it doesn’t involve food from the sea I usually go for red. Morning sex or late night sex.

Don’t expect too much from me in the morning, thank god for coffee! City break or beach holiday.

If I must choose… beach. Love city breaks too of course. Lights on or lights off. If it’s dark it is impossible to see how magnificent I look naked. Louboutin or Jimmy Choo.

Addicted to them red bottoms! Older partner or younger partner. I love mature men.


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